…yes, we sell gift cards!


Do you take reservations?

We operate on a 100% walk in first come-first served basis. If there’s a waitlist, you can leave your name at the door, and we'd be happy to text you to let you know when your table is ready.

Can I order food to go?

Absolutely! You can order takeout by calling any of our locations directly.  Please be sure of which location you are calling and ordering your food from for pickup!

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes we do! They can be purchased at any of our locations in any denomination. They’re redeemable at all locations as well!

You can also order our GCs online in $50 denominations and have them mailed to you, or the recipient! For this option please go to:

I have severe food allergies. Can I eat in your restaurant?

We take food allergies very seriously. While we can never guarantee that our food is 100% free of allergens, there are several steps that we take to minimize the risk of cross-contamination. We are a peanut-free establishment, two of our deep fryers are used exclusively for gluten-free items, and our menu is egg and dairy free.

Our menu does make extensive use of ingredients such as nuts, wheat, and soy, but we take great care to process these items separately to avoid cross contamination. Please specify with your server the nature and severity of your allergy. Severe allergy bills do take us longer to prepare and cook.

*Despite all of this, there is always a chance of human error in prepping or cooking of food, or cross-contaminated food from suppliers. For this reason, guests should be comfortable with these potential factors before eating with us.

Do you accommodate large parties?

While most of our table space is set up for smaller parties of 2-4 people, some rooms do have social tables and picnic tables that can hold larger groups of 6-10 depending on availability. For groups 7 or more, a service fee of 18% will be applied and food will arrive family-style sharing “as it comes” as opposed to all together.

Can I bring in a birthday cake?

Unfortunately, we do not allow outside desserts or food in our restaurant. Cakes often contain nuts, dairy, or eggs. Because customers who have allergies to these ingredients know we are an environment free of these, for their safety we can not allow them in our space.

Do you have a kids menu, and are you kid friendly?

OMG, we love ‘em! We were recently featured on a Kids Edition episode of You Gotta Eat Here! (season 5 episode 16, but who’s counting?) where we showed off a few of our favourite kid friendly dishes; the Chili Cheez Fries, Mac’N’Cheez Burger, and Chocolate Coconut Ganache Tart. We don’t have a dedicated kids menu, but there are lots of items on our menus that your kids will love!

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Our Gastown and Yaletown dining areas and washrooms are barrier free. We do not have a wheelchair accessible washroom at Main street as the restaurant was built before policies that required so. Due to the layout of these bathrooms, unfortunately It isn’t possible to retrofit them to accommodate a barrier free washroom at the main street location.

When and where are you opening your next MeeT location? Can it be near where I live?

We are definitely looking for an ideal next location. If you have any ideas, we would love to hear from you!

Are you trying to change the world?

Hells yeah! One yummy meal at a time :P